Economy July 12, 2016 | 3:27 pm

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Local students design floor tile that turns sunlight into clean energy

Santo Domingo.- The Technological Institute of SantoDomingo (INTEC) on Tuesday said a group of senior Electrical Engineering studentsdesigned a floor tile that produces clean energy by harnessing the sunlight overpedestrian areas and public spaces.

Federico Tavarez, Emilio Irizarry, Julio César Muñoz,Enmanuel Minaya and Oscar Perez created the prototype consisting of a solarcell covered with tempered glass.

The tile uses a non-slip composite material that withstandsup to 840 pounds, generating an average of 28.2 watts of power or 0.028 kwH, “enoughto meet the energy demand of led lighting for five small rooms.”

INTEC Engineering Dept. professor Miguel Aybar called it animportant innovation. “The country has companies engaged in developing thatkind of technology which place most of its facilities on ceilings andairframes.

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