Economy August 26, 2016 | 11:53 am

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All fuel prices jump, except natural

Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry raisedthe prices on all fuels, except natural, gas as much as RD$8.20 per gallon forthe week from August 27 to September 2.

Premium gasoline will cost RD$199.60 per gallon, up RD$5.40;regular will sell for RD$184.00, up RD$5.50; regular diesel will cost RD$140.60,up RD$6.30, while optimum diesel will cost RD$153.60 per gallon, up RD$6.00 pergallon.

Avtur will cost RD$106.30, an increase of RD$7.60; kerosenewill cost RD$130.50 per gallon, up RD$8.20 and fuel oil will cost R $82.63 upRD$5.40 per gallon.

Propane gas will cost RD$88.80 per gallon, up RD$1.60,while natural gas will remain unchanged at RD$23.22 per cubic meter.

The Central Bank’s posted average exchange rate of RD$46.05per dollar was used to calculate all fuel prices.

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