Economy November 14, 2016 | 5:07 pm

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Russia hi-tech to help Dominican Republic find oil

Sochi, Russia.- Russia Foreign minister SergueiLavrov on Monday offered Moscow’s help for Dominican Republic to materializeenergy policies, aimed at developing the oil and natural gas industry usingsatellites.

Lavrov met today with Dominican counterpart MiguelVargas and both emphasized the facilitation or trade, investment, tourism andcooperation.

In a statement, the Dominican Foreign Ministrysays Russia also offered studies and scholarships, and training to fight drugtrafficking.

"Lavrov also acknowledged theopportunities and Dominican Republic´s importance for Russian tourists,"the statement says, adding that Russia’s top diplomat also thanked theDominican Government for eliminating the visa for Russians to visit the country."Lavrov also considered it a positive move to expand trade and investment."

"The two officials agreed on theimportance of increasing trade between the two countries and promoting more tourism,"

Vargas added that the Presidency’s recentlypublished Hydrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation Regulation, the country isready to promote extractions in the field.

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