Economy September 13, 2017 | 9:30 pm

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Industry leader: Electricity Pact should uphold the national interest

Santiago-Santo Domingo electric highway.

Santo Domingo.- Herrera and Santo Domingo Province Industrial Association (AEIH) president Antonio Taveras said Wednesday that there it’s still possible for all sectors to put the national interest ahead of particular ones to approve an Electric Pact and definitively resolve the country’s decades-long energy crisis.

He said he’s confident that the government, businesses, social society and the unions and political parties participating in the talks for the pact can dialogue, with empathy and rationality, “needed to reach an agreement with intelligent transformations,” for the national electricity production, distribution and consumption system.

“For the present and the future of the country, we must broaden the consensus, agree on the most sensitive points and deliver to society the Electric Pact we need to meet the great challenges of this twenty-first century. That is what the pacts are about, of putting the common good above the private interest. We can do it,” he said.

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