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Pineapple to be produced in vitro in the country

Sanchez Ramirez – The country will produce planting material for pineapple cultivation at the Biovega In Vitro Plant Micropropagation Laboratory, through an agreement with the Cooperative of Pineapple Producers of the Province of Sanchez Ramirez (Coopisar), to which it delivered 4,000 pineapple seedlings.

A note states that this is the first time that the Dominican Republic produces this planting material in vitro.

Biovega’s director, Carlos Viloria, said that with the supply of the material to Coopisar, the first stage culminates, and that in the next two months they will deliver 6,000 more seedlings, which are already in the greenhouse acclimatizing, “which marks a milestone in Dominican history, since the material is usually imported from Costa Rica.”

The text states that yesterday Biovega crowned and filled with glory the delivery of 4,000 pineapple seedlings, multiplied in vitro in the laboratories.

“This is a sign of the advance of technology at the service of the Dominican producer, and a demonstration for the development of agriculture in the Dominican Republic,” said mViloria, according to the document.

He assured that the laboratory continues as an instrument for the production of in vitro plants at the service of the country’s agricultural producers.

He said that in response to a request from the cooperative, Minister Limber Cruz gave instructions to the Vice Ministers of Scientific Affairs and Rural Organization, Rafael Ortiz Quezada and Miriam Guzman, to facilitate the agreement through which the delivery by Biovega became a reality.

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