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Steps to check if a worker is included in the Government PHASE program

Santo Domingo, DR


Last week, due to the spread of the coronavirus and the cessation of some economic operations, the Ministry of Finance presented the Employee Solidarity Assistance Fund (FASE), a program of the Dominican Government that seeks to temporarily support workers with an unconditional money transfer.

Workers whose companies are contributing to the Social Security Treasury (TSS) and who have closed their operations due to the social distancing measures ordered in this period, can access / and check if they are affiliated with the FASE program.

Once inside the page, employees must click the “Go to consultation” button. The next step is to enter the worker’s identification number on the “query” screen. Then, the “I am not a Robot” box and the “consult” button should be checked. After completing this step, the results will be presented.

Via call

Citizens can check their affiliation using their identity card by calling 809-688-8838, where they receive a welcome message with instructions on how to make the query.

The citizen enters the ID number followed by the # key. The system verifies if it is a complete ID number, if it is incomplete it asks you to enter it again.

The consultation is carried out if the citizen is registered as a beneficiary of FASE. If you are registered, it will indicate the name of the employer and the amount of the PHASE contribution. If you are not registered, the system will indicate that you have not yet been registered.

Via Whatsapp

The citizen sends a message by Whatsapp to 829-947-3606. In this way, the citizen’s identity card number is requested in the format XXX-XXXXXXX-X. If the worker is registered, the name of the employer, the amount of the PHASE contribution, the bank and the terminal of the account number will be indicated. If you are not registered, the system will indicate that you have not yet been registered.

How does PHASE work?

The Ministry of Finance revealed that the minimum that the Government will be providing for each worker who is registered in PHASE is RD $ 5,000 per month in order for them to maintain basic consumption and partially offset the economic effects of the present emergency.

Employees who earn wages above RD $ 5,000 will receive a monthly contribution that will be covered by 70% by the Government and 30% by the employer. “In this case, the State will contribute up to a maximum amount of RD $ 8,500 per worker per month,” he said.

The PHASE is valid for 60 days from April 2, 2020.


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