Health July 13, 2020 | 3:13 pm

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The pandemic spreads across the Dominican Republic

In recent days, positive cases of Covid-19 have skyrocketed, reaching yesterday the figure of 44,532. / ADRIANO ROSARIO

The positivity rate is increasing and stands at 26.22%

Santo Domingo, DR


Within a week of the ordinary general presidential and legislative elections, at least 7,110 new cases of coronavirus and 103 deaths have been reported in the Dominican Republic. 

The 116th bulletin of the Ministry of Public Health published on Monday indicates that the confirmed cases already amount to 44,532 and the deaths are at 903, up six from yesterday’s count of 897 deaths from coronavirus. 

Between bulletins 108 and 115, 22,019 samples were taken for a total of 189,391 tests processed. 

Those recovered from the last week were 7,107. So far 21,459 people have been cured by Covid-19. 

Between bulletins 108 and 115 there were 39 new admissions in Intensive Care Units. Until this Sunday the total number of patients in the ICU was 235. This week Public Health has reported that six health workers have tested positive for the coronavirus, for the sum of 243.

Infections in 8 days

For last Sunday the new cases were 1,241 and eight deaths; on Monday there were 703 confirmed and 10 deaths; on Tuesday 302 positives and 17 deaths; on Wednesday 1,158 new cases and eight deaths; on Thursday 1,202 new cases and 13 deaths; on Friday 1,125 new infected and 22 deaths. 

The bulletin published on Saturday, July 11 indicates that 1,199 people with the virus and 16 deaths were added, and that of Sunday reported 1,418 infections and 17 deaths. 


Since the state of emergency ended on June 30 until Public Health bulletin 115, 10,806 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported. The death toll in the Dominican Republic in these 12 days was 132. 

As of July 1, the air borders and hotels in the Dominican Republic were reopened, as well as other activities that were prohibited by the coronavirus pandemic. 

On Tuesday, July 7, two days after the elections, Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas was questioned whether he agreed with a new curfew or state of emergency. 

“I would prefer to wait for the development of this situation in the next two weeks that involves the incubation cycle of the virus to know the magnitude of the infections that have occurred,” said the official.

Active cases

The latest Public Health bulletin details that for the second consecutive day-active cases were more than recovered. 

Since the middle of April, the cures had outnumbered the active coronavirus. 

The report specifies that the active cases are 22,176, with 3,639 in hospital isolation and 18,537 in the home. Those recovered are 21,459.

Coronavirus in numbers 

Bulletin 115 of the Ministry of Public Health indicates that the median age of those infected is 38 years. 53.46 percent are men and 61.57 percent of the cases are concentrated in 12 municipalities. The 17 deaths that occurred according to the most recent bulletin were in Espaillat, with 6; Santo Domingo, with 5; Santiago, with 4; Baoruco and San Cristóbal with one death in each province.

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