Health December 13, 2023 | 3:52 pm

Barahona free of suspected cholera cases, dengue cases decreasing in the Dominican Republic

Gina Estrella Ramia, the Director of Risk Management and Disaster Assistance at the Ministry of Public Health, has confirmed that there are currently no suspected cases of cholera in Barahona. This positive news comes as the Jaime Mota Regional University Hospital in Barahona considers closing its oral rehydration area, which had been set up for acute diarrheal diseases, due to the normalcy of the situation.

During a recent visit to Barahona, Dr. Estrella met with local authorities, the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage (Inapa), and the Ministry of Public Works to address water-related issues. She expressed optimism that the Barahona aqueduct, affected by a landslide in recent months, will be operational within a few weeks, ensuring a stable water supply for the area’s residents.

Regarding dengue fever, Eladio Pérez Antonio, the Vice Minister of Collective Health, reported a significant decrease in cases in recent weeks. Out of 99 municipalities, 50 reported no new cases of dengue. He explained that while dengue follows an endemic curve and cases are expected, the current numbers are within the expected range. The recent increase in cases has now subsided, returning to expected levels.

As of the current reporting, the Dominican Republic has registered a total of 23,036 dengue cases, with 983 of these occurring two weeks ago. The Ministry of Public Health continues to closely monitor the situation to ensure public health and safety.

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