Local January 18, 2011 | 12:45 pm

Journalist discovers ‘Dominican Republic of the Congo’ on Disney’s Web

SD.- A journalist of Dominican newspaper Listin recently tried to buy tickets for one of Disney World’s theme parks through its Website, but to Magnolia Kasse’s surprise, when trying to find her country of origin, a requirement of the request, found only the `Dominican Rep of Congo’.

“But of course, this link doesn’t make reference to the `Congo’ because I noticed there that it does figure as such. The blunder is that neither the Dominican Tourism Ministry authorities, the country’s travel agents, nor those in charge of updating and monitoring the website have noticed such error and, worse still, that it hasn’t been corrected,” she said.

“Is it only me who thinks of buying tickets from Disney online? I don’t believe it! I don’t know how long this `oversight’ will continue being published, but it would be important that we as a destination manage to figure on a such a visited site as we are: `Dominican Republic’; a country that has everything, inexhaustible, including a large number of people who continuously visit the Disney World’s different parks,” she said

Kissed added the Democratic Republic of the Congo is far away from what the Dominican Republic is in territory, geography, customs and even the names which identify the two countries.

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