Local August 16, 2012 | 8:54 am

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Anti-corruption department shelves Bautista file

Santo Domingo.-The director of the Department for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption(DPCA), Hotoniel Bonilla, says that his department has provisionally shelved its casefile containingcorruption accusations against senator Félix Bautista.

Bonilla established,by means of act no 1150-12, that the decision would be communicated to formerpresidential candidate for the PRD, Hipólito Mejía and the other partiesthat took part in the process so that they may not claim ignorance or lack ofknowledge.

The DPCA decree03093 was emitted on 13th August and released to the public yesterday.

In March, theformer PRD candidate’s campaign team accused Bautista of alleged acts ofcorruption related to the execution of reconstruction projects in Haiti.

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