Local September 17, 2012 | 11:39 am

Corrupt officials should give 10% of what they steal to the poor, pastor

Santo Domingo.- The Rev. Angel Salvador Sanchez on Monday asked corrupt government officials to contribute at least 10% of what they steal to help fight poverty in Dominican Republic.

The prelate urged president Danilo Medina to call corrupt officials to meet secretly with him and admit: "Look, I stole so much, and I will offer 10% to help the poor."

Sanchez also asked the President to not initiate any legal action against the corrupt officials because his Administration is too new to become entrenched.

Praying with around one dozen pastors of the Pentecostal Church near the National Palace for Medina make the right decisions, Sanchez asked te government for a fair tax reform, which doesn’t harm the poorest.

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