Local December 19, 2013 | 10:18 am

Customs high-tech system snags tax dodgers with US$100.0M

Santo Domingo.- StartingJanuary the Customs Agency (DGA) will start a new model that will let itsofficials and technical managers monitor container-processing and mining data inreal time.

Calling it a breakthrough in Customs’ control systems,the agency affirms that in fact, import tax-evasion cases have already been detected,made possible through an informatics agreement with the Internal Taxes Agency (DGII).

Customs director Fernando Fernández made the announcementWednesday, and revealed that the new system has detected as many as five majorcases of tax evasion, totaling RD$4.2 billion (US$100.0 million).

Quoted by listindiario.com.do, the official said as theresult of the agency’s modernization and the scope of the Customs Integrated ManagementSystem (SIGA), clearance customs previously took as long as 45 days what is nowdone in just hours.

Fernandez added that the "Doing Business"report improved the Customs Agency’s rank from 46 to 33 in making Dominican Republicthe hemisphere’s second easiest country to do business.

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