Local February 17, 2014 | 9:54 am

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Battle weary ex-president is dealt another political defeat

Santo Domingo.- The registration of candidates for leadership posts in Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PRD) ended on Sunday and left out several of that organization key figures, especially battle weary ex president Hipolito Mejía, who was dealt yet another defeat

The PRD now focuses on its convention slated for midyear, after Sunday’s orderly registration process exceeded the expectations with 448 candidates.

PRD Convention Organizing Committee president Julio Maríñez said the registration process "has been a democratic party and of great harmony so we’re confident it will result in institutional strengthening and the unity that will lead the PRD to reap great victories, starting with the 2016legislative, municipal and presidential elections."

He said current PRD president Miguel Vargas, Guido Gomez , Francisco Peña and Juan Santos will now compete for the organization’s presidency.

Even several stalwart Mejia supporters defied his call to boycott the registration, which the former president called a “farce.”

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