Local August 6, 2014 | 4:37 pm

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Korean experts to help halt road carnage

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic will have access to a study on vehicular traffic by Korean experts in November, to help design a road safety strategy to reduce deaths and disabilities from accidents, on which the country is ranked second worldwide.

The study of what can occur in the country’s transit is carried out by consultants from the Korea Highways Company, a project signed with the IDB and the Eximbank of Korea, nation that cut the number of deaths 50% in 10 years, from 12,653 in 1996 to 6,327 in 2006.

Economy Ministry Infrastructure and Logistics director Víctor Ventura, Deputy minister for Competitiveness Management Juan Reyes and Korea Public Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) official Jihye Seon signed the agreement, drafted after two days of work.

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