Local August 8, 2014 | 2:02 pm

Dominican leader’s war on corruption ‘weak’: Christian entity

Santo Domingo.- The Christian organization Paz Dominicana on Friday called the war on government corruption one of president Danilo Medina Administration’s weak points, but also praised his "simple, humane and close” style of governing

It also hailed the new mechanisms to fight corruption such as the creation of the Ethics agency, the promotion of austerity and the regulations on government purchases, constructions and contracts.

It scoffed however at the creation of oversight committees in government agencies, as “bureaucracy.”

"They’re no more than dead words in the absence of exemplary action against all officials who fail to adhere to the guidelines ordered by the Chief Executive," Paz Dominicana said.

"The people presume a lack of political will to fight corruption, when all government officials’ astronomical fortunes without legal justification are in plain sight."

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