Local September 2, 2014 | 1:42 pm

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Police search for killers of Gilberto Deschamps

Santiago, DR.- Police agents are investigating two people linked to the murder of Gilberto Deschamps, the son of Austria de la Rosa, the regional director of the Public Health Ministry in Santiago.

Justice minister Francisco Dominguez Brito traveled yesterday to Santiago in order to assist in the investigation conducted by Santiago Police chief General Orison Olivence Minaya, listindiario.com.do reported.

Deschamps, 38, was found dead in La Brena, in Ingenio Abajo, in the northwest area of Santiago. His body, which was taken to the Forensic Science Institute in Santiago for autopsy, was under a BMWcar cover and had a shot through the left eye.

The police said the car found burned out in Navarret belongs to his mother. According to Cibao Central Police spokesman Colonel Damian Arias, police agents had raided a home in Henriquez housing project and found a BMW from which the cover apparently came.

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