Local September 22, 2014 | 9:52 am

30,000+ homes vulnerable to disaster built every year

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Housing Builders and Promoters Association (Acoprovi) on Sunday said more than 30,000 homes vulnerable to earthquakes and hurricanes are being built in the Dominican Republic every year, since two-thirds of them don’t have professionals participate in their construction.

Citing the National Statistics Bureau, Acoprovi president Fermín Acosta said of the 45,000 dwellings built in the country, 15,000 are by the formal sector, while the remaining 30,000 are built informally.

He said those 30,000 homes are built without hiring an engineer, “so you do not have the standards required by national and international standards.”

Workers fund

Interviewed on the program D´Agenda, Acosta reiterated his request that the government find ways to dip into the RD$8.0 billion of the RD$18.0 billion in the Occupational Risk Fund to finance housing for the poor.

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