Local November 11, 2014 | 7:48 am

Dominican Republic’s powers boost top prosecutor’s anticorruption push

Santo Domingo.- Representatives of Dominican Republic’s traditional powers have rallied behind Justice minister Francisco Domínguez, despite questions that he allegedly broke the law by launching a bid for the presidency, which is banned for prosecutors.

The attacks on Dominguez come as he maintains the prosecution’s pressure in the corruption case against senator Felix Bautista, one of former president Leonel Fernandez’s closest collaborators.

Dominican Republic’s traditional "powers that be" –big business, the U.S. Embassy and the Catholic bishops- , which have coincided in voicing support for Dominguez even as he faces mounting opposition within the ruling party, PLD.

In a statement, the Private Business Council (Conep) was the first to announce its support for Dominguez, followed by a visit to his office by the executives of the Industries Association (AIRD).

In addition to the Conep and the AIRD, representatives of other business groups such as the National Young Business Leaders (ANJE) and the National Retailers Organization (ONEC) have also stated support for Dominguez.

US ambassador James Brewster also visited the Justice Minister and voiced his support in the media’s presence, an action outlet eldia.com.do affirms, “must be authorized by the US State Department.”

Catholic Church

The most important figures in the Dominican Catholic Church, including Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez and Santiago Archbishop Ramon De la Rosa have also voiced support, whereas the Catholic newspaper El Camino’s Sunday editorial also boosted Dominguez.

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