Local November 25, 2014 | 10:24 am

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Performers, NGOs join radical priest’s push for national park

La Vega, Dominican Republic.- Radical Catholic priest Rogelio Cruz’s initiative “7 days for Miranda" seeks to empower citizens to deal with threats by powerful sectors who’ve voiced support for mining by Xstrata Falcondo at Loma Miranda (central).

La Vega’s club DOSA was the backdrop to launch the series of events starting Tuesday and until Nov. 30 and will host big Dominican and foreign performers, who’ll join with their voices which demand the creation of Loma Miranda National Park.

The activity comes after three years of struggle headed by Cruz, who has vowed to continue the push until the national park is achieved.

Among the groups who’ll host the events figure the Butterflies Foundations of Cabarete, Kalalu Dance and Performing Arts, the civil movements MASADA, Santiago Somos Todos and Dominicans from Massachusetts on Monday joined the supporters to boost the struggle to declare Loma Miranda National Park.

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