Local January 7, 2015 | 12:31 pm

The corrupt pressure Dominican justice, Archbishop warns

Santiago.- Santiago Archbishop Ramon Benito de la Rosa warned Wednesday that Dominican justice is under strong pressure from those who practice corruption and seek impunity.

Speaking at the mass to mark the Day of the Judiciary, the prelate said the country’s judges should practice with the courage, strength and wisdom that God offers.

De la Rosa said the strength that those serving in the judiciary require isn’t the police, but that which comes from God, to resist the pressures from all classes.

The Santiago Archbishop said the judiciary’s members are subjected to many threats and pressures, but aren’t especially physical, and instead he affirms is a way to kill them morally to succumb to those who want to evade justice.

"Surely many of you, with the pressures you receive from everywhere, often wonder how can I manage this, and I suggest that you seek strength in God’s wisdom, as King Solomon did when he was called to be a judge," the archbishop said in the Cathedral.

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