Local February 11, 2015 | 10:32 am

Haitian’s apparent lynching could further distance Hispaniola nations

Santiago.- The National Police on Wednesday said it investigates the death of a young Haitian found hanging from a tree at Santiago’s Ercilia Pepin park, just 50 meters away from the Cabral y Baez Hospital.

Police Central region spokesman Damián Arias said Homicide Div. Justice Ministry officials investigate apparent lynching, and that the body was sent to Forensics for autopsy.

Unofficial reports say the Haitian was know only as Tulile, who shined shoes near the hospital and surrounding areas.

Haitian Flag burned

In another incident, residents of the Santiago sector Los Ciruelitos burned a flag of Haiti Tuesday night, while chanting "Haitians out, if it’s war they want, war they’ll have."

The tragedy comes as anti-Haitian committees or groups sprout in Santiago, in Santo Domingo and other parts of the country, who oppose the alleged push to merge the two nations.

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