Local February 23, 2015 | 4:44 pm

Moto-taxis defend embattled former president

Santo Doming.- Former Dominican Republic president Leonel Fernández on Monday got a surprising and strong support from leaders and members of moto-taxis organizations from across the country, in rebuke of several allegations from several political rivals.

The bikers grouped in "motoconchistas with Leonel" went to the presidential offices of ruling party (PLD) in this capital, where he was handed a document rejecting the “smear” campaign and stated their moral support.

"We want you to receive our firm support to the vicious campaign unleashed by bad confessed Dominicans, starting with the narrow interests of damaging their image well qualified leader and statesman," said the document delivered by group leaders Manuel de Jesús Reyes, Casimiro Gerson Sanchez, Alvin Braulio Fernandez and Abraham de Jesus Santos.

In the document, the moto-taxis say the former head of state has the merit of being the first President to recognize their service as important and which contributes to national production.

Drug lord

The demonstration is the latest in the wake of allegations by ex drug trafficking convict Quirino Paulino that he gave Fernandez RD$200 million for his presidential campaign in 2004.

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