Local February 25, 2015 | 1:29 pm

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‘The cup runneth over’ in Senator’s embezzlement case

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez on Wednesday said the embezzlement case against senator Felix Bautista “the cup runneth over" on corruption, in which the prosecution did its part, and now it’s up to the judge to do his.

The official arrived unannounced at the hearing in the Supreme Court, wherein in strong tone said: "It’s not possible that your effort, and those of each of the people working here ends up in the pockets of others to party, fly on airplanes …."

"I’m here to call on your conscience, magistrate. These criminal cases are those that will allow us to not be ashamed with our children and our parents and to tell them that the institutions functioned," the official said.

He said it’s regretful that corruption takes funds intended for poor children, orphans and the needy.

"The corrupt and those who defend corruption sometimes don’t realize that," he said, and compared it with bad breath, “which is often not aware of it until another person tells you.”

Prison and confisction

The prosecution asked Special judge Alejandro Moscoso to send Bautista and the five codefendants to prison and the confiscation of their assets.

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