Local February 26, 2015 | 4:47 pm

Ruling on Senator’s embezzlement case set for March 27

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court Special Instruction judge Alejandro Moscoso on Thursday ruled to end the preliminary hearings in the money laundering and embezzlement case against senator Felix Bautista and six others, and will hand down his ruling at 10am March 27.

"The court recesses to weigh the preliminary hearing with the consent of the parties in the process, who waivered the expediency stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Code to hand down an integral ruling," said Moscoso to conclude the 17th hearing in the case.

Before the judge retired to chambers, Bautista’s defense motioned for acquittal, to reject the prosecution’s request of pretrial detention and order to lift the freeze on his assets.

The prosecution however had requested a criminal trial against Bautista and codefendants Soraida Abreu Martínez, José Elías Hernández García, Bolívar Antonio Ventura, Carlos Manuel Ozorio, Bienvenido Apolinar Bretón and Grisel Aracelis Soler.

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