Local February 28, 2015 | 8:58 am

Dominican President: there will be no extension to alien regularization plan

Santo Domingo.– President Danilo Medina said in a speech Friday that no foreign nation or international body may require the country to make sacrifices outside its constitutional and legal order, neither on migration nor on any other sovereign right.

"We are building a nation together, a country with true equality and social justice. A country without exclusion and without discrimination, but also an organized and tidy country, where law enforcement should prevail," the president highlighted.

During his state of the nation speech, marking the country’s independence from Haiti, Medina recalled that for decades, the Dominican government dragged serious institutional and legal deficiencies in this issue, which were accumulating without being solved by previous governments.

He said the government decided to act responsibly and implement the most ambitious alien regularization plan ever seen, not only in the Dominican Republic, but throughout the continent.

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