Local March 17, 2015 | 11:09 am

US Embassy launches “Beware of that Toad” anti-fraud campaign

Santo Domingo.- The US Embassy’s Consular Section launched a new anti-fraud campaign "Beware of that Toad," to educate the public about the correct and legal way obtain resident and tourist visas.

General consul Sylvia Johnson launched the campaign attended by renowned comedian Fausto Mata "Boca de Piano" (piano mouth) at the La Feria subway station.

"The anti-fraud campaign is aimed at the general public to prevent people from being deceived by proposals of hustlers or persons providing false documents in exchange for large sums of money. It seeks to raise awareness to avoid engaging in illegal acts by using false documents to obtain a visa and whose consequences include being banned or ineligibility to enter the United States for life,” Johnson said in an emailed statement.

Mata agreed to be part of the campaign with a touch of humor to spread the message to all Dominicans about the risks of trusting strangers and buying forgeries.

The Consular Section’s "Beware of that Toad" campaign was first launched in 2007and has since been promoted nationally through various media, such as billboards at busy locations, contests, and radio and television spots.

Prominent figures such as big leaguer David Ortiz, comedians Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes have been the face of the campaign in previous years.

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