Local May 11, 2015 | 7:56 am

Dominican Republic’s biggest forest fire under control; 3 arrests

La Vega, Dominican Republic.- The Army on Saturday arrested a third arson suspect in connection with the forest fire at Loma Miranda, along with two others already arraigned.

Authorities said the fire is under control and identified the third detainee as Roberto Antonio Santana, who has more than rap sheet with more than 10 alleged crimes. He was slated for arraignment at Instruction Court on Sunday in La Vega, where he’s being held at the National Police precinct.

The Army said troops of the 6th infantry battalion on Friday arrested Ricardo Quezada Trinidad, 23, and Jose Ramon Jimenez Orozco, 22 at the site of the blaze.

During the search of the two men, several boxes of matches were reportedly found in Jimenez’s underwear.

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