Local May 23, 2015 | 9:09 am

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Dominican govts have forgotten their citizens abroad: deputy candidate

New York.– The deputy candidate for the Frente Amplio party’s Constituency No. 1 (overseas), Luis Manuel Reyes, said the Dominican governments have not recognized the contributions of their citizens abroad and have engaged in a pattern of neglect and contempt "that does not take into account the problems affecting immigrants and have never implemented laws or administrative measures to benefit them."

Reyes believes that "the ruling power pushes forward an indolent and collecting policy through consular services fees in order to take money from the pockets of users and enrich the consuls and friends, keeping a clientele list of PLD officials who receive high salaries without working; only in New York there is an official list of more than 90 consuls, vice-consuls and secretaries, among others, who receive weekly cash contributions."

The deputy candidate overseas said that in the presence of thecurrent government’s indolence, some sectors thought that the situation of compatriots abroad would improve after the election of the seven deputies overseas who allegedly would represent them, which has become a frustration because they have not submitted a single law or initiative to benefit the community that elected them.

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