Local May 28, 2015 | 7:59 am

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The opposition political attacks backfired: El Caribe

Santo Domingo.- The opposition’s political attack strategy against former president Leonel Fernandez will likely backfire if president Danilo Medina manages to run again and "will be lunging at the wrong bull and could be annihilated by the right bull," according to elcaribe.com.do.

If Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD) ramrods the Constitutional amendment and taps Medina as its presidential candidate, the opposition’s strategy of salvoes against Fernandez of the last three years would fall flat.

“That’s perhaps the root cause of the president’s high levels of popularity with less than one year to elections and good governance, would easily win at the polls against a possible opposition front, which is still focused on Fernandez, the same way tje opposition PRD party candidate Hipolito Mejia did so in the 2012 election,” the outlet says.

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