Local June 20, 2015 | 3:18 am

President Medina could break Juan Bosch’s electoral record

Santo Domingo.– PRD national secretary Carlos Gabriel Garcia predicted that Danilo Medina will break the electoral record set by Juan Bosch in the elections of December 20, 1962, when he won with over 60% of the votes.

The late politician, historian and educator became Dominican Republic’s first democratically elected president for a brief time in 1963. Bosch won with around 60% of thevotes, obtaining 628,044 of a total of 1,054,944 votes cast.

Garcia said the electoral alliance between the ruling PLD and the PRD, combined with the popularity of President Danilo Medina, will turn the upcoming elections into a plebiscite.

In 2004 Leonel Fernández became the first presidential candidate to exceed two million votes. The final results were: PLD 57.11%, PRD 33.65% and PRSC 8.65%.

"Thealliance between the two parties to promote a shared national unity government has not only defined the electoral outlook for next year, but ensures the democratic stability of the country and the implementation of public policies aimed at raising Dominican people’s quality of life," he pointed out.

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