Local July 13, 2015 | 7:46 am

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OAS lauds Dominican Republic ‘positive’ stance on deportation row

Jimaní, Dominican Republic.- The visit by the Organizationof American States (OAS) to the country marked a turning point in ties with theDominican Republic, affirmed mission leaderFrancisco Guerrero in the western border town on Sunday.

The OAS official, who together with the delegation visitedBorder Security (Cesfront) and Army headquarters, said he expects the exchange wouldrelaunch the OAS in the country. The group toured the areas where the illegalaliens will be held prior to repatriation.

“The first case of deportation has yet to take place,” Immigrationdirector Ruben Dario Paulino said during the tour.

Guerrero and his colleagues crossed the border into the Haititown of Malpase where Haitian officials escorted them to Haiti’s capital Portau Prince, where they are slated to meet on Sunday.

Prior to leaving the country Guerrero said the DominicanRepublic is a willing to strengthen the talks to solve the current crisis with itsHispaniola neighbor.

He also lauded the business sector’s attitude andwillingness in the issue. “It was very positive.”

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