Local July 29, 2015 | 4:32 pm

Dominican faiths say rich nations ´sick and tired´ of the poor

Santo Domingo.- Catholicand Protestant churches in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday railed against gaymarriage and said rich nations are “sick and tired” of the poor but still seek to “suck the juice out of them.”

They said internationalorganizations, sterilization, increased distribution of condoms and abortionare behind the bill on sexual and reproductive health now in Congress, actions theyaffirm seek to control the country´s birth rate.

In a joint pressconference Catholic Youth Ministry coordinator priest Luis Rosario and DominicanEvangelical Unity Council (Codue) president preacher Fidel Lorenzo Meran saidthe bill pushed by institutions and even foreign delegations shouldn’t be acceptedin the country or the world.

"Rich countries aresick and tired of the poor after they exploited them sucked the juice out ofthem, now try to brainwash them to convince them that the way to enjoysexuality without risk is debauchery," Rosario said.

"Much more moneyis invested than in countering hunger and poverty. Paradigms of sexualmisconduct are presented and negotiated with governments to enact publicpolicies through laws contrary to human dignity," the influential prelatesaid.

Lorenzo said thosenations sell the idea that the positions of religious creeds are fruits oftaboos, and that society has grown enough not to be swayed by conceptualanachronisms around sexuality.

The Protestant leaderurged the country´s various social sectors to defend marriage´s integrity "asit was conceived by God and has led humanity for thousands of years. More thanever, we must fight for our social physiognomy is not altered so negatively,protect our children and our cultural values. "

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