Local July 31, 2015 | 10:29 am

Caricom wants Pope´ help in Haiti-Dominican deportation flap, EFE

San Juan.- TheCaribbean Community (Caricom) on Thursday asked the Vatican to help with thesituation in the Dominican Republic with descendants of Haitians, who face deportationonce the government program to registeraliens concludes, EFE reports.

Caricom secretarygeneral Irwin LaRocque asked "What will become of these people, many ofwhom have cultural, social or linguistic ties in Haiti?" noting that theVatican could play a role to solve the issue.

The head of Caricom madethe statement in a ceremony at the economic bloc´s headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana,to formalize ties with the Vatican, in the presence of the Catholic Church´s firstenvoy Nicola Girasol.

LaRocque lauded PopeFrancis´ courage on issues such as climate change. "As Pope Francis rightlyobserved industrialized countries are primarily responsible for these problemsand are required to help the poorest countries."

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