Local July 31, 2015 | 8:12 am

Dominican Republic traffic deaths ´like a nation at war´

Santiago.- The Catholic Church on Thursday called numberof people who lose their lives in traffic accidents alarming, so much so thatit gives the impression that the statistics are reports “from a war in a nationin conflict."

In its latest editionof weekly publication Camino with the Op-Ed titled "dying on theroads," the Archbishop of Santiago notes around 1,500 people are killedand 3,000 hurt many with permanent injuries in the country each year and, toverify that data “one only has to follow the news of the weekend.”

Citing UN figures Caminosays it´s a regret that the country ranks second in the world in road carnage,among the 182 nations on the more traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, witha rate of 41.7 deaths.

It adds that the datashows that only the Pacific island of Niue exceeds Dominican Republic in that ranking.

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