Local July 31, 2015 | 8:37 am

Official says before talks Haiti should halt ´slander´

Santo Domingo.- CentralElectoral Board (JCE) president Roberto Rosario on Thursday said prior to the OAS´call for talks it should oblige the Haitian government to desist from its campaignhe described as hatred and defamation against the Dominican Republic.

Referring to the OAS reportreleased yesterday on the situation of immigrants, the official said Port-au-Prince´campaign doesn’t contribute to peaceful coexistence.

He said to establishthe conditions needed for bilateral talks Haiti´s priority should be to resolvethe lack of documents of its nationals in their own territory, "which as wehave stressed around 60 percent of thepeople do not have an identity."

"We reiterate,Haiti must cease its international campaign of hatred and slander against ourcountry."

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