Local August 25, 2015 | 6:17 am

Senate head favors extradition treaty review

Santo Domingo.- The Senate president, CristinaLizardo, said yesterday that the new extradition treaty with the United States,which has been sent to Congress for ratification by president Danilo Medina, shouldbe revised and adjusted to the Dominican Republic in the area of drugtrafficking.

Lizardo said that one of the elements that should bereviewed in the study is the fact that this treaty, like the current one, doesnot stop drug dealers who are being tried in the US from recovering theirassets in the Dominican Republic after serving their sentence on US soil.

“I would like to study the proposals in depth and thensee whether or not it is justified to demand that the assets be returned”.

This afternoon the coordinating commission will bemeeting to define whether the bill sent by the Executive Branch will be put onthe agenda for discussion in the Senate tomorrow before being sent to the appropriatecommission.

She said that conditions now exist in the country forthese types of cases to be dealt with in this way.

In addition, in the light of the weakness perceived in the new extraditiontreaty with the United States, the National Anti-Drug Council, the CitizenParticipation movement and the Justice and Transparency Foundation have alladvocated for a solution to be found to this situation to prevent moreextradited drug traffickers from recovering their fortunes.

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