Local November 24, 2015 | 7:48 am

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Business leaders demand action on judiciary corruption

Santo Domingo.- The youngbusiness leaders grouped in the ANJE on Monday demanded that authorities dealwith the scandals of corruption that have stunned the judiciary, since in theirview the scandals can no longer jeopardize the country´s competitiveness.

ANJE president OsvaldoOller said their interest is not to politicize the topic and to do things well instead,because “in the end it’s what´s best for the country.”

”What we want is that thejudges who are there are adequate, career judges for each position, because inthe end they are the people who will be leading the judiciary, driven people awareof the country and Dominican justice," Oller said.

Interviewed on Off theRecord, the executive said justice must not be linked to politics, because itsmain responsibility is a good performance as a social group.

”We’ve been seeingsome problems with the judiciary, and some actions that judges are deciding.We´re not judges to say who will or will not go; we do have to judge in acertain way, but it´s important that every action is carried to the finalechelon, as it affects competitiveness,” Oller said.

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