Local November 26, 2015 | 4:03 pm

´Quality of Life in the Company´ earns AES Dominicana top American Chamber prize

Santo Domingo.- As partof the American Chamber of Commerce´s (Amcham) third annual Best Practices CSR 2015awards, the AES Dominicana energy group won first place in the category"Quality of Life in the Company," for promoting a healthy, safe and inclusivework environment and personal and professional development of its employees.

AES promotes healthybalance between personal life and work, aware that a collaborator manages to besuccessful to the measure they achieves a balance in their life with the fivemost important aspects: work, family, health, friends and spirit; which led itto implemented the "Integral Quality of Life & Wellness Program" forall employees to support a more humane way and fulfill corporate social responsibilitystarting at home.

"This recognitionreaffirms our commitment to being the best place to work, as consistentlyreinforced by this recognition the prestigious American Chamber of Commerce bestowson us today," said AES Dominicana president Edwin De los Santos in astatement.

CSR Best PracticesAwards are presented every two years and is an initiative of the American Chamberof Commerce to promote and publicly divulge the best practices in the field ofsocial responsibility with relevant social impact that stakeholders need toachieve sustainable development, recognizing companies that have developedinnovative, efficient and sustainable CSR projects in each of the establishedcategories.

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