Local December 10, 2015 | 8:43 am

Peravia fraud case defendant accuses prosecutor in plain hearing

Santo Domingo.- A NationalDistrict interim judge on Wednesday beganthe hearings against three defendants in the Peravia Bank fraud case and uponnoting that one of them had no lawyer, asked him, “why?”

The accused NelsonCabral turned to his right, looked at prosecutor Isidro Vasquez and then told 2ndInstruction Court judge Luis Borges: "Ask him because I gave him US$250,000to resolve that."

The entire courtroomwent silent from the statement and on the prosecutor´s lack of reaction.

The judge then adjournedthe hearing and told the prosecutor to approach the bench to question him on whathad occurred.

Upon learning of theincident Justice minister Francisco Dominguez instructed inspector generalBolívar Sánchez to investigate Vasquez, who has previously been charged withtaking bribes. He was also accused of taking a US$75,000 bribe from PuertoRican alleged drug trafficker Jose Antonio David Colon, but then Justice ministerRadhames Jimenez dropped the case in 2007.

National Districtprosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso said Vasquez hasn’t been suspended but was takenoff the case pending the investigation.


Also being held inconnection with the case are Carlos Ferrer, former army coronel, Florentino deJesús Acosta, Yesenia Serret, Nelson Serret, María Luisa Guzmán, Yomalys Fernández,Magdalen Serret, Jorge Serret and Faunside Donato Morales.

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