Local January 11, 2016 | 8:21 am

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Dominican Republic leader says he´s the ´most honest´

Santo Domingo.- PresidentDanilo Medina on Sunday said Dominican Republic´s blackouts will end with the systematicefforts of his administration, which he affirms is the most honest in thecountry´s history.

Major PRM partyopposition candidate Luis Abinader was quick to respond he affirmation, challenging Medina to a “debate over honesty.”

Medina said the twocoal-fired power plants of 700 megawatts being built in Punta Catalina, southernPeravia province would lead to the supply of 24 hours of service for the entirecountry.

"We recognize thatall communities want 24 hours of light, and that is a demand that is coming toan end because, from the start-up of plants Punta Catalina, it will besolved," Medina said during a visit to farmers at El Ranchito, La Vega(central), where he authorized financing for growers of rice, cassava, sweetpotatoes and bananas.

Medina authorizedfunding for water pumps for agro producers, who also requested loans to plantmore than 1,200 hectares of various crops.

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