Local January 19, 2016 | 8:43 am

Officials aim to halt zika virus at ports, airports, border crossings

Santo Domingo.- The headsPublic Health, with the director of the General Directorate of Migration (DGM),Major General Paulino Ruben Dario, and the Director of Specialized for LandBorder Security (Cesfront) met Monday to coordinate efforts to stop the zika virus.

Public Health minister AltagraciaGuzman met with Ruben D. Paulino (DGM) and Carlos M. Aguirre of Cesfront at theHealth Ministry, to share information and keep the disease from entering Dominicanterritory through ports, airports and border crossings.

Paulino said details wouldbe provided about the "terrible zika virus to alert for any traveler who isn’taware of this disease," through bulletins at all entry and exit points.

Guzman said not one casehas been reported in the country thus far although the virus has been confirmedin Haiti, Puerto Rico, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil,among others, "for which I dare say that we are the only country that has yetto report cases in the region."

"That´s to saythat we are virtually surrounded by the zika virus, which demands that allDominicans and all institutions join efforts to reduce mosquito breeding sites."

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