Local February 4, 2016 | 8:27 am

Zika: Agencies focus on ridding mosquitos’ breeding sites

Santo Domingo.- National authorities concentrate their effortsto eliminate the breeding sites of the Aedes Aegyptus mosquito, the vector ofthree tropical diseases.

The Public Health Ministry said its National Zika-virus PreventionDay held late January focused on the cleanup of potential breeding sites, withall government agencies involved.

It said more than 398,000 of the mosquito’s breeding sites wereeliminated and thousands of tons of trash removed, according to the report fromthe 32 Dominican provincial health agencies.

During Public Health’s operation last weekend participated30,720 workers, and 980 volunteers and community organizations, which visited 228,334homes, eliminated breeding sites and distributed 285,000 informative pamphlets acrossthe country.

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