Local February 11, 2016 | 4:45 pm

Dominican-Cuban diplomatic incident looms on players’ defection

Santo Domingo.- A veilof silence has fallen over the defection of the brothers Yulieski and LourdesGourriel Jr. from the Cuban baseball team that competed in the recent CaribbeanSeries, in a case being handled as an international incident, prompting a probelaunched Thursday morning into people trafficking allegedly linked to a Dominicanmilitary officer.

A source quoted by outlet elnacional.com.do said a seniormilitary officer was being questioned in connection with the case, but the lawyerJose Rafael Ariza denied it was Dominican Air Force general William Solis, mentionedWednesday by Cuba Ambassador Carlos De la Nuez as having been part of the plotthat led to their defection.

The diplomat said Solís participated in the plot and was caughton tape when he visited the hotel where the Cuban team was lodged.

Ariza said the officer hasn’t been called for questioning. Howeverthe source said Solis would be suspended prior to questioning.


Justice Ministry spokeswoman Tessie Sánchez said the caseis being investigated in strict discretion since some of the persons of interestwhose names have been leaked have visas and could leave the country.

She confirmed that assistant prosecutor Jonathan BaróGutiérrez investigates the case, adding that they won’t issue any statement"until all loose ends are tied.”

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