Local March 10, 2016 | 8:48 am

Embattled US envoy to Dominican Republic draws rebuke, support

Santo Domingo.- The letter sent by the NGO "WeThe People" asking US president Barack Obama the recall ambassador James W.Brewster out of the Dominican Republic has reached 18,569 signatures.

They accuse Brewster of promoting the LGBT agenda and alsoask Washington to replace its envoy, calling his actions in official dutiesincompatible with Dominican Republic’s cultural values ??and Christian traditions.

The letter published on the White House website could generateObama’s response if it reaches 100,000 e-signatures before April 7.

Group supports Brewster

Amid the brouhaha, yet another group emerged, which also senta letter to the US president asking him to keep Brewster in the Caribbean country,noting that the diplomat’s promotion of the LGBT agenda is consistent with the values??of open-minded people.

They note that despite the belief that the DominicanRepublic is a tolerant country, religious agendas disrespect the nation’s cultureand family traditions. "Brewster involve his spouse in official activitiesas he should, such as a visit to a school where he was invited to speak on themodel of the United Nations, prompting ignorant people to lose their hats."

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