Local March 11, 2016 | 7:40 am

Obama defends gay US envoy in Dominican Republic as rebuke mounts

Washington.- The US government defended the credentials ofits ambassador in Dominican Republic, -Wally- James Brewster, the target ofscathing criticism ramped up in the heels of his visit to a school with hishusband in an open showing of their homosexuality.

"President (Barack) Obama chose Ambassador Brewster torepresent the US government in the Dominican Republic due to his outstandingcredentials, integrity and dedication to advance the interests of thiscountry," said National Security adviser Susan Rice in a statement at theWhite House.

Rice stressed that Brewster has the “full support" of Obama,the White House and the US Government, and insisted that "will continue toadvocate tirelessly for the interests of the United States."

"It is the policy of the US government to representall Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age,gender and sexual orientation," the statement said.

"Intolerance in any form goes against the universalvalues ??that we promote and the social inclusion we support which we believeis important for a free society to succeed. We will continue to support ambassadorBrewster in the measure he advances in the universal human rights," Ricesaid.

A photo of Brewster with his husband Bob Satawake posted inthe social networks since last week shows them sitting at a Dominican school speakingto a group of students.

The visit has drawn rebuke from various sectors of thecountry, some of whom have asked the Foreign Ministry to send a letter ofprotest Washington.

Dominican Teachers Association (ADP) president EduardoHidalgo on Thursday asked the Education Ministry to bar Brewster from visitinganother school in the country.

Brewster has also drawn scathing criticism from thepowerful Catholic and the Evangelical churches.

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