Local March 31, 2016 | 1:09 pm

Dominican Republic’s icon dam reveals El Niño’s onslaught

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s icon hydroelectric damhas reached the lowest level since it started operation in the early 1970s, Santiago’sWater Utility (CORAASAN) warned on Thursday.

It said the low level at Tavera dam, part of the Tavera-Bao-LopezAngostura hydroelectric complex, is cause for concern given the low probabilityof rain in the forecast.

“The normal levels of operation of the dam is 320 to 324meters above sea level (masl) and it’s currently at 314.35 meters,” CORAASAN saidin a statement.

The utility said the dam level drops an average of fourinches each day, without the possibility for rain over the watersheds borderingthe reservoir, and urged for the rational use of water.

“This is the third consecutive year that the Tavera dampresents critical levels in its operations,” CORAASAN said, adding that the phenomenonel Niño is to blame.

The Tavera complex has been attracting visitors since 2014,when people started taking pictures walking where the water was normally asdeep as 10 meters.

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