Local April 26, 2016 | 8:05 am

‘Air cocaine’ “passenger” says pilots’ escape offended Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- One of the French nationals sentenced to 20years in prison for drug trafficking on Monday acknowledged that Dominican justiceand the people were offended by the two pilots from his country who escapedlast year, in the case French media dubbed “Air cocaine.”

Nicolas Pisapia tearfully told the National District AppellateCourt that the he knows that he will have to bear any consequences as theresult of the plot that led to the escape of Pascal Fauret and Bruno Odos, buthopes the judges recognize his innocence.

He said he was in the plane seized at Punta Cana Airportwith 700 kilos of cocaine by chance, since he’s a realtor and didn’t pay forthe flight, but his clients.

"I don’t have a company that would have economic meansto pay for a transatlantic flight like that, however my clients do have themeans to do so, and made available to the plane for the flight to France forjust work reasons," he said, quoted by diariolibre.com.

Pisapia added that he’s confident about Dominican justice.

"My presence before you today as in every hearing provesthat I had nothing to do with them, but above all the confidence I have in you,when one is innocent one doesn’t escape, and I hope to return to France, youare my last resort.”

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