Local June 29, 2016 | 3:06 pm

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Deputies’ vote makes Dominican Police reform a reality

Santo Domingo.- The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday passedthe bill which amend the legislation on the National Police, that was already approvedby the Senate, for which president Danilo Medina is expected to sing into law.

The Lower Chamber voted100 to 2, with overwhelming support by the deputies of the party ruling (PLD),whose spokesman Elpidio Baez, said the legislation reduces the Police Councilfrom 17 to 8 members.

He said the initiative also trims the number of police generalsfrom the current 51 to 20 over a 24-month period, after the law takes effect. "Therearen’t enough posts for 50 generals here. There are no position for more than a1,000 colonels and lieutenants here."

The bill had passed in the Senate October 28 last year, butthe start of the political campaign had put it on hold in the lower Chamber.

No more chiefs

The legislation also changes the National Police’s military-likeadministrative structures, and replaces the title of Chief for GeneralDirector.

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