Local July 19, 2016 | 7:40 am

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Dominican Republic poised to create anti-corruption database

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry’s Financial AnalysisUnit will establish a database with a list of “Politically Exposed Persons”(PEPS) and relatives, to detect suspicious transactions that serve to identifyillegal assets.

As established in the bill for the Illicit Asset ForfeitureLaw approved in the Senate on July 5, and pending in the Chamber of Deputies, thedatabase taps into information provided by public and private institutions.

"Without detriment that other tools may haveat least one database will be available containing a list of the PoliticallyExposed Persons (PEPS),” says Article 79.

The same initiative is considered PEPS explains that anyindividual who holds or has held prominent public functions in a foreigncountry or territory up to two years after their employment has ended.

The PEPS list is headed by the President and VicePresident, and includes lawmakers, all other elected officials and officials ofall government agencies.

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