Local July 26, 2016 | 12:47 pm

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‘Clearing’ of 51 Police generals starts soon: Top official

Santo Domingo.- Interior and Police minister Jose RamonFadul on Tuesday said the Police doesn’t need 51 generals and what he describedas its "clearing" will start soon.

"The clearing is coming, it depends on the President,but the clearing is coming. The National Police doesn’t need so many generals,we have 600 colonels and the generals will be retired under the new law andgradually," the official said.

He said are committees already being formed and "justthis morning there was a meeting in Police headquarters for the designation ofthese committees.”

Weapons law

Fadul said the Weapons Control Law passed by the Senate andnearly ready to enact enhances public safety.

"We will also increase the penalties for carrying aweapon illegally because the law on guns forms part of Public Safety and work isalready being done on the regulations of the new law on the National Police."

He said the new law on firearms stiffens penalties for theirillegal possession, for which the National Police, the Interior and Police Ministryand the Armed Forces will work together to disarm the population.

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